Shallow water dishes

heavy duty dog toys & balls

Baby food pouches, 


Bird toys, perches, balls

These are a few of our favorite things...

Shallow water dishes

Hideaways, plants

dried fruit, pumpkins, squash

UVA bulbs,ping pong  balls

Bird toys, perches, balls

Hey kids! Want to give a special gift to one of our animal ambassadors? Below is a list of their favorite treats, toys and needs. Purchase any item and drop it off at Orschlen's Farm and Home in Sabetha (put it in the big green box inside the entrance). Be sure to mark who it's from! ARC Wild Ambassadors send thank you cards. A wish list is also available on

Crickets, mealworms

Gift Certificate Fruit

willow branches, banana chips

Fresh White pine or weeping

Superworms, crickets

Yogurt covered pretzels

Other favorites include: Grain free dog food, pet beds, heat pads, shallow non-tipping bowls, pet harness, heavy duty dog toys, rabbit food, mealworm munchies, heat lamp bulbs, KMR formula, Esbilac formula, baby bottles, Equine bedding, Eco Earth blocks or gift certificates to Garrett Country Mart, Orschlens Farm and Home, Walmart and Edelmans. 100% of donations are used to support ARC Wild programs in northeast Kansas communities. 100% of ARC Wild staff are volunteers. 

Gift certificate vegetables

Science diet puppy food