Lilibit joined ARC Wild in the summer of 2019. When she was just two months old, a dog chased her mother across a yard in Topeka, KS. Lili tried to hold on tightly to her mother's back but she wasn't strong enough. She fell off and the dog decided she would make a good squeaky toy. He tossed her up in the air and caught her time and time again. The dogs owner noticed Lili and was kind enough to find help quickly. Lili was sent to a wildlife rehabilitator who specialized in opossum care. By the time she was healed, she was imprinted on humans and could not be released. 

Today, Lili is a happy and healthy opossum. She loves to play with balls 

and kids - especially the kind that hide treats inside (balls not kids). Her  

favorite foods are blueberries, grapes and chicken. Like most kids, she

doesn't like to eat her vegetables.

Lili tends to drool when she is scared but is easily calmed by gently

petting her on her back. Her hobbies include eating ticks and June

bugs, hanging upside down from trees to reach the best fruit and

sleeping more than 16 hours a day. 

Fun Fact:Did you know that opossums are NOT related to rats or

mice? They are related to kangaroos and are North America's only