October 17, 2020

5:00-7:00 p.m.

Pony Creek Lake in Sabetha

Covid-19 Update

​​​​A no-scare event for the family

Haunted Hike

Join us!

This event is sponsored by the Roger and Ruth Wolfe Charitable Trust in Hiawatha.

ARC Wild is offering limited  public and private programs at this time due to the infectious nature of Covid-19. The safety of the youth we serve is very important to us as is the health of our staff and animal ambassadors. ARC Wild animals cannot spread Covid-19 to humans BUT humans can get our mammals sick. Please contact us to learn more.

Join ARC Wild staff and our "creatures of the night" for a hike at Pony Creek Lake in Sabetha. The event is free for the family. Other events include a pumpkin slingshot, weenie roast, ghost stories and s'mores. Mark your calendars! This is one evening in the woods you won't want to miss!

RSVP is not required but greatly appreciated (we wouldn't want to run short on weenies). Hikes will start at 15 minute intervals to allow for social distancing. Masks are required to participate.