Beans favorite foods included pecans, hazelnuts and Nutter Butter cookies. She loved to chew on bluejeans, pencils and her traveling cage (she ate five of them). Her favorite game was rough housing with Sherri, riding around in pockets and hiding nuts in the pillowcases.  While we miss her company, ARC Wild is proud to have played a part in her return to the wilds of Kansas.

Beanie Baby came to ARC Wild after she was rescued and raised by a well-meaning human. Unfortunately, when she arrived, she had no idea she was a squirrel - and therefore, could not be released back into the wild. 

Working as an animal ambassador, Bean gained the time she needed to learn how to squirrel - scurry to and from, fear predators, scavenge for food and build a warm nest. In late August 2019 a new litter of baby gray squirrels arrived in wildlife rehab and Bean was introduced to her own kind. On September 11, 2019, Bean and her new family broke out of their enclosure and made a new home in the trees beside a five acre pond. The forest is filled with walnut, oak and fruit trees. Bean will be monitored throughout the winter to ensure she and her new family prosper. During her time with ARC Wild, Bean reached more than 800 youth in northeast Kansas.