Beanie Baby - Gray Squirrel

Bella Donna

American Porcupine

Animal Ambassadors

Athena & Daphne - 

Ornate Box Turtle

Clementine - Bearded Dragon

Jasmine - Ball Python

Lillibit - Virginia Opossum

As of October 25, 2019, ARC Wild has more than 25 ambassadors. We are working to get everyone photographed and profiled. Be sure to check back to see new photos. 

Released September 2019

Johnny and June - Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Released August 2019

Rafiiki - Great Horned Owl

Henrietta - Mexican Striped Knee Tarantula

Snoop Frog - 

American Bullfrog

Twiggy, Twitter and Tweet - Vietnamese Walking

Stick Bugs

Sally, Sue and all their crew - Honeybees