Julie Krebsof Sabetha is the ARC Wild Treasurer and a Board member.    She and her husband Ron help with community programs in addition to all licensing and tax paperwork.  Both are retired business owners. Ron is camera shy.

James McNary is the Vice President of ARC Wild Inc. He is in charge of maintenance, construction of enclosures and keeping his wife Sherri out of trouble. He works for Wenger Manufacturing and manages the family farm. 

Wendell Ganstromof Robinson is a retired English teacher at Highland Community College and helps with the Klinefelter Farm in Hiawatha. He is also a wildlife enthusiast, bee keeper and rock star (member of several bands!)

Did you know that 100% of ARC 

Sherri McNaryis the Education Director and President of ARC Wild Inc. In 2016 she began volunteering at the Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center. She loved the work so much she decided to bring the opportunity to youth in northeast Kansas. She has been a certified wildlife rehabilitator with Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue since 2009.

Wild's educators are volunteers?

Ashley Stalder is a vet tech at the Bern Sabetha Veterinary Clinic with a degree in conservation education.

Briana Gruberis a vet tech at the Bern-Sabetha Vet Clinic. She is an Educator who will head up ARC Wild's Tots & Tails program for kids 2-5 years. Her favorite ambassador is Bella. 

Dr. Robert Shipman, DVM and the staff of Gage Animal Hospital provide

veterinary services for ARC Wild's ambassadors. He also provides wildlife

​rehabilitation services for NEKSWR. An advocate of wildlife, Dr. Shipman often donates his time and veterinary services to ARC Wild. 

Rich and Kathy Bure of Topeka are ARC Educators who specialize in reptiles, amphibians and fish. They are also certified wildlife rehabilitators with NEKSWR.  Rich is retired from the United States Coast Guard. Kathy works as a Cancer Specialist.  Both are Docents at the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center.

Dr. Melissa Detweiler, DVM of the Bern Sabetha Veterinary Clinic provides veterinary services for ARC Wild's ambassadors.

ARC Wild events couldn't happen without an amazing team of volunteers. Volunteers help set up events, manage the crowds and some are in training to be future educators. Our volunteer crew includes: Ron Krebs, Cassandra Beck of Seneca, John Welborn of Topeka, Carol Nickelson of Sabetha and Art Malott of Robinson.  ARC Wild core team of educators and board memers include: