• Parents and children are encouraged to work together. Please be sure it is a learning experience for your child and not just fun for adults. Use the prizes to engage in nature.
  • Each team must include one child above the age of four.  
  • Take your time. Wear your seat belt and obey all traffic laws. This is NOT a race. There is no prize for coming in first. The program ends August 30, 2020.
  • Please take only ONE prize per geocache, per family. There are 12 different prizes.
  • Remember the rule: Cache in, Trash out. If you spot litter, please pick it up and do your part for nature.
  • Always put tubes back where you found them. Contact the ARC at 785-284-2699 immediately if something is wrong.
  • Please keep social distancing guidelines in mind. Wash your hands often. If another family is ahead of you, wait your turn patiently.

Collect 6 animal stamps  

Pesky Rules

Your entire team wins an ARC Wild water bottle and keychain

  • Finally...bee kind to animals and other humans.

The youth on the team win an ARC Wild keychain.

Your entire team wins an ARC Wild t-shirt, water bottle and keychain

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices like your cell phone. Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates and attempt to find the cache hidden at that location. Once you get hooked, you will discover thousands of other cache's around the world! 

Collect all 12 animal stamps

Collect 9 animal stamps  

Each geocache tube contains (1) nature themed prize per family and an animal stamp. When you find the tube, take a prize and stamp your passport. Put the tube back where you found it and go! 

​​We've hidden 12 of them in Nemaha and Brown counties in Kansas! Can you find them? 

Whoo wants Prizes?

The geocache tubes are green with white caps for easy visibility. Once you've registered your team/family, ARC Wild will send an email with coordinates. The event is free. If you do not have access to a printer or smart phone, please visit the Morrill Public Library, Seneca Library or Sabetha Library after June 1, 2020 to sign up. The event runs through August 1, 2020.